Good fortune comes in many faces. That said, we would like to introduce you to our greatest asset, our staff! With a tremendous amount of experience we recognize that our staff is second to none and we acknowledge that we are blessed for them. So, let us put faces to the names and introduce you to the real Crescent Moon Ranch.
    Scott Miller - Manager. Having joined us in July of 2000, Scott is off and running with the whole alpaca lifestyle. Anyone who as had the opportunity to interact with Scott realizes he is one of our best assets! After recently completing the International Alpaca Judging School in Peru, Scott has developed keen insights into the world of alpacas which will be invaluable to the ranch going forward.

    Debbie Miller - Breeding, Health and Alpaca Husbandry. Debbie, a lifelong resident of San Juan Island, handles our alpacas from records to maintenance. Her extensive experience in the ranching and showing arena, along with the time she put in completing the International Alpaca Judging School in Peru, have worked to give Debbie a fantastic understanding and appreciation for the alpaca. Specifically, she can help you with questions about breeding, health, birthing and maintenance. We have come to rely heavily on Debbie's knowledge and touch. One conversation with her and you'll love her as much as we do.

Scott & Debbie Miller
2009 Futurity Show & Sale
Awarded the
Craig Wlikins Memorial Award

    Rachel Leason - Customer Service. Rachel is often times the person you will speak with if you call or email us. She handles all of our computer and office work. The professionalism that she brings to our operation has been a wonderful addition. After you've had the opportunity to interact with Rachel, you'll know why we are so happy to have her on-board with Crescent Moon Ranch.  
    Please contact us and arrange a visit to learn more about the wonderful world of alpacas!