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The Boutique and Ranch are now OPEN!  Come visit us in our new location!  7566 N Hwy 97 in Terrebonne, OR 97760.  Please call or email if you have any questions. 541-923-2285 or

Luxurious alpaca fiber; one of the rarest and most treasured natural fibers in the world. Preferred by Kings and coveted by all it is quickly becoming one of the most popular garment producing commodities on the planet. Hence our passion for its production and the reason for The Alpaca Boutique.

In 2014, Joe and Diane Nelson and Jerry Dunne (owners of Crescent Moon Ranch) decided to retire. After almost 20 years in the alpaca business they were quickly approaching 80 and while they loved the farm life, it was time to go fishing! Since this had always been a family business, the opportunity for the next generation to pursue their dreams presented itself. Scott and Debbie Miller relocated the Crescent Moon Ranch operation approximately 10 miles from the former property on the highly traveled U.S. Hwy 97. Having traveled the country for over a decade promoting the Crescent Moon Ranch breeding program, it was time to slow down some and focus on the business at home, here in Terrebonne. This is the third location for the Crescent Moon Ranch herd and Boutique and hopefully the last. It’s work to move a home but it is really a lot of work to move a ranch!

The Crescent Moon Ranch Alpaca Boutique:
The Boutique building is an old potato cellar. It has abundant charm and is extremely well built with richly colored wood planks lining the inside and walls which are almost  two feet thick and filled with earthly generated natural insulation. As in our previous two stores, our customers can get their hands on all kinds of products made from alpaca. Witnessing the alpacas in the field and then the products on the shelf in the store,  brings our operation full circle for our visitors. We have something for everyone!

Along with the Boutique, we are developing the property so that folks can conduct their own self guided walking tours. This will provide an opportunity to walk down runways around the ranch and look at the alpacas or even interact with them in their many different stages of development. We usually begin having cria (alpaca babies) in March of each year and that continues into the autumn.

Thanks for visiting us here in cyber space. We hope you will join us on the property so that you can experience the gentle alpaca.

We Are Open 7 days a week from

10 am - 4 pm

To reach us at The Alpaca Boutique you have several options.

  1. The phone number is 541-923-2285
  2. The Address:
    • The Alpaca Boutique
      7566 N Hwy 97 / PO Box 600
      Terrebonne, OR 97760
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Please contact us at this website or the Boutique listings for questions on alpacas or alpaca products.